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De boekenkast van Mariette Lindstein

huidige boekenkast
*How various is your bookcase?
- I read all kinds of books. From old classics to modern crime.  But mostly thrillers.

*Do you grade your books for example in colour, alphabetical consecution of another way?
- By subject and author.

*Tell us the three titles of the most beautiful books you have?
East of Eden by John Steinbeck, Blonde by Joyce Carole Oates and: Nelson Mandela, a portrait.

*What is your most favourite book of all times?
- East of Eden by John Steinbeck. A book about mans relentless search for happiness set in the beautiful Salinas Valley in California. Fantastic, simple language and a lesson to be learned about humanity.

*Do you place every read book in your bookcase of do you throw nasty books away?
-I give most of my books away to neighbours and friends. Keep my very favorites.

*Do you read a lot?
- Yes!! Two books a week at least.

*What is your most favourite place to read?
- In bed next to my dogs.

*What book of your youth gives you still sweet memories? Do you possess that book also?
-Joyce Maynard’s book: After her. It reminds me of how much I love California and the area around Saulsalito.

*Is reading familiar in your family?
- Yes very. My mother is an avid reader.

*Do you lend sometimes your books to other people?
- All the time!

Mariette Lindstein is de schrijfster van het boek De sekte. Het eerste deel van een trilogie. Daar zij op het punt van verhuizen staat, konden alleen haar boeken in dozen gefotografeerd worden.

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